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Keyless Smartlock Entry FAQ

  • Will this lock only be placed on one door? Which one?
    • Yes. The Schlage Control Smart Deadbolt will be placed on the main entrance to the property. If the door handle is keyed, it will be replaced with a passage handle so it cannot be locked except with the deadbolt.

  • What if the tenant wants a key to the other doors?
    • Keys to the other doors at the property will be given if requested by the tenant, but they will be made aware that there will be a charge for rekeying those locks upon move out.

  • Do these locks need wifi to work? 
    • No they do not need special hubs, gateways, other devices, or the internet to work. These are bluetooth locks that communicate via a bluetooth connection on a smartphone or a key fob. When a person accesses the lock via their smartphone, the device communicates information back to the servers which can be accessed by the property manager via the Prempoint software.

  • What if the power goes out?
    • That's not a problem. These locks use batteries for power. According to the lock manufacturer, the batteries will last 18 - 24 months. Each time someone accesses the lock via their cell phone, the lock will communicate the battery life back to the software and alert the property manager when the battery life gets to a level that needs to be replaced.

  • What about security? Can these be hacked?
    • Because the locks are not connected to the internet they are very secure. In order for the locks to be hacked, someone would have to have the necessary hardware, passwords, etc and actually stand within so many feet of the front door, making it very difficult to be hacked.

  • What if someone steals a tenant's phone?
    • Most people lock their phones with a code or biometrics so this most likely wouldn't be an issue. We can require biometrics be used to access the app, which means a tenant would have to use facial recognition or fingerprint to unlock the door to their home.

  • What if a tenant's phone battery dies or they don't have it with them and a tenant gets locked out?
    • Each tenant will have a key fob they can use to access the lock. There would be an option for us to send a temporary access link to a nearby person via text, but this would only be done under very strict circumstances.

  • How long will these locks last?
    • The manufacturer gives a one year warranty. PremPoint says they have had very few problems with the Schlage locks. I have some properties with Schlage dumb keyless entry locks that are 7 - 10 years old and still working great, so I hope these are the same. We originally tested locks with a different system that cost about $80 cheaper. Because we had concerns about the quality, we chose not to go with that keyless entry system.

  • Do I have to install one of these locks on my house?
    • Yes, we are moving all properties to this keyless smart deadbolt system. This is something we've researched for approximately 4 years now and we're confident this is the correct choice. Not only will it pay for itself within two tenants, but it will help with vendor accountability and control, maintenance request expedition, security, and give tenant's an amenity not offered by the competition.

  • What if I decide I don't want to rent my house in a year or two?
    • If you want to keep the lock to use it, you are able to do so since it is not a proprietary lock specific to the PremPoint system. You will use the lock with the phone app just as a tenant would. PremPoint does not charge for this. If you decide you don't want the lock, I'm sure we could come to an agreement for us to buy it back.

  • What if my tenant doesn't have a smartphone?
    • It's very rare for someone to not have a smartphone, but if they don't, they'll have a key fob that operates like a key.

Services provided by our company include:

Initial property turnover assistance

    • Inspection with photos
    • Vendor Coordination (paint, cleaning, etc)
    • Itemized list of repair and invoices
    • Recommendations for security deposit return (if applicable)
    • Recommendations for cost reducing services

Property marketing

    • 50 different websites including,, Zumper,, Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads
    • 24/7 leasing information line (texts and calls) and appointment setting
    • Automated responses via email providing information about available properties.
    • Automated drip marketing for any leads that have contacted us via email, phone, and/or text. Multiple touches asking to set up appointments and sending information about new properties available, price changes, etc.
    • Mailchimp campaign - sends new properties to a list of potential renters who sign up via our website.
    • High quality listing photos
    • Virtual Tours

Tenant screening and placement

    • Consistent policy to ensure all applicants are treated equally to protect against fair housing violations
    • Credit and background checks, income and employment verification, rental history verification (View application requirements)
    • Lease preparation
    • Pet screening (currently working to determine feasibility)

Monthly duties

    • Rent collection and disbursement
    • Maintenance coordination
    • General accounting and bill payment processing
    • Financial reporting
    • Lease enforcement

Online tenant portal

    • Online automated rent payment
    • Tenant maintenance requests with automated updates throughout the repair process
    • 24/7 access to lease documents and account information (balances, etc)
    • Credit reporting

Online owner portal

    • 24/7 access to signed agreements and leases
    • Monthly reports all in one location
    • View bills, completed service issues, and notes regarding the property
    • Automated owner notifications of completed maintenance issue with notes

Lease renewals 

    • Coordinate with owner about renewal
    • Track and coordinate renewal process with tenant
    • Currently implementing automated notifications to update owners throughout the renewal process

Property turnover between tenants

    • Inspection with photos
    • Coordination of repairs
    • Security deposit accounting and disbursement

End of year accounting

    • Annual profit & loss statement
    • Categorized expenses
    • 1099 disbursement

Additional Costs

Onboarding Fee - $195

  • View property and give market recommendations
  • Prepare management agreement
  • Accounting/rental management system setup
  • Marketing system setup
  • Quality marketing photos
  • Upload property to website and social media
  • Collect insurance documents, tax and banking information
  • Document HVAC filter size and ladder height needed
  • Coordinate HVAC and Plumber for first time service and pay bills (if needed) *see recommended service below

Includes current year technology fee (if property is onboarded in the last quarter of the year, $31.25 will be added and no fee will be charged on January 1 for the coming year.

Virtual Tour - $150 One time fee unless there are major changes to the property

  • $25 per year to maintain and store - paid Jan. 1 of each year

Technology Fee - $125 - paid Jan. 1 of each year

  • We are continually incorporating the latest advanced technological systems that integrate machine learning and automation to ensure prompt, efficient, and most importantly, consistent communication with our property owners, tenants, and prospects.We also employ a system that allows new prospects the ability to call, text, or email to get available property information, schedule appointments, and complete applications 24 hours, 7 days a week. We are currently testing A.I. (artificial intelligence) technology hoping that it will allow us to deliver even greater service and communication. The verdict is still out as to whether this technology is ready for mainstream use.

Rekey locks, Install keyless entry - Price of keyless lock + cost to initially rekey to assure there are no extra keys that could give access to someone not authorized. This is a one time fee. Tenants will not receive a key, so locks will not have to be rekeyed each year. Tenants will receive a code, keyfob and have app access. Below are a few benefits for using a smart keyless entry system:

  • Cost savings (#1 Benefit) - Property owners no longer have to rekey between tenants. This is especially important. Saving the locksmith costs of $100 - $125 to rekey locks between tenants makes this a no brainer.
  • Security - There is no possibility of anyone losing or copying a key and the locks are 100% pick & bump proof.
  • Vendor Accountability - Each vendor will have their own log-in through the app so we can see, who and exactly what time they enter and exit the property.
  • Move-out Security - Tenants' access will be denied immediately after their lease expires.
  • Expedited maintenance, happy tenants - We'll no longer need to coordinate between multiple people to give a vendor access to complete a maintenance request. Happy tenants stay longer which saves money in turnover costs.
  • Marketing Tool - In a tough market, anything to give us a leg up over the competition helps. People love smart home technology. The tenants will each have the app on their phone which allows them to lock & unlock the door and send guest access that can be limited by the day and hour with just an email or text. Tenants will also have a key fob for quick entry.
  • In the case of an emergency call where a tenant may not be home (particularly flooded units from busted water supply lines) I'll be able to immediately grant access so damage can be swiftly mitigated.

Please click here to view our frequently asked questions about the keyless locks system

The property should be delivered to Cissell Management move-in ready. If the owner is not able or desires, we can turn the property over for a fee.

New Property Intake Turnover Service - $225

Turnover includes:

  • Inspection with photos
  • Coordinating vendors for paint, cleaning, carpet cleaning, and small general handyman repairs
  • Paint estimates if needed (2)
  • Itemized list of repairs and invoices
  • Recommendations of what would normally be held out of a tenant’s security deposit according to Cissell Management Company’s lease agreement (if applicable)

*Funds must be collected via ACH prior to any work being performed by vendors.

*If a full turnover is not needed, owner will only be billed for service needed at $75 per hour as listed in section E.7 of the management agreement.

*Major renovations, repairs, and handling of property owner’s personal items/furniture are not included in this service. They will be billed at a rate of $75 per hour. 

Optional Recommended Service prior to first tenant’s move-in to help reduce costs by avoiding multiple service calls throughout the year

Plumber New Unit Service (Plumber's hourly rate + materials. Typically takes 1 hour)

  • Replace all flappers and float valves
  • Replace any plastic supply lines with braided metal (toilet, fridge)
  • Check under sinks for leaks
  • Check garbage disposal
  • Fix any dripping faucets/showers

HVAC Unit Service

  • Clean unit
  • General service (check freon)
  • Blow out drain
  • Replace filters
  • Install float switch(es)

Other Options

HVAC Filter Options

  • Tenant is 100% responsible - cost of filters. Leave one year supply of filters at the property
  • Cissell Management - $30 + filter per quarter *for properties requiring more than a 4 foot step ladder there will be an additional charge

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