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Josh & Diana Cissell Owners

Property management was never on my radar. Selling large tracts of timber and recreational land was the thing that drew me into real estate during college. As a way to have a base income, I was part of starting a management company that grew exponentially right out of the gate. In a few short years, I was managing approximately 300 units. I realized property management may be a good gig for me, but I quickly realized that growing fast and big was not how I wanted to do it. I stepped away from full-time property management for a few years to work with an organization called Young Life. At the end of 2010, Cissell Management Company was formed. I slowly started managing a few properties on the side again. In 2013, I went back into full-time property management.

But this time was different. This go around, my goal wasn’t to build a business. Cissell Management Co. was just a means to an end. The company was the vehicle I needed to sustain my wife and me so we could do what we love: invest in people and live a big story. This time, rather than a shotgun approach to building the business, I took a laser approach and only managed the properties that fit my niche. I intentionally grew the business slowly and methodically. This allowed me to provide exceptional service and refine the skills I learned at the previous company I helped create.

This brings us to today. Again, business is a tool for us to live a better story. At the end of our lifetime, I hope to be known not for owning a successful business or being a “real estate tycoon.” I hope to be known as someone who was a part of changing our business culture and the world. I hope to be known as someone who cares for people well. I hope Cissell Management Company is an example of only taking what we need and passing the rest on to the next person so they may have the same freedom we have. Rather than creating opportunities for myself for the sake of making more money, I hope to help create opportunities for others who don’t have the skill set to do it for themselves. Rather than seeing tenants as a dollar symbol, I want to see them as people. I want them to know they are important and matter to me. They are not just a means to an end. I want property owners to know I’ll do my best to look out for their best interests, even if it means I don’t make money. This business is our connection point with the world.

Live large,
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Josh Cissell
Broker, Owner