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5 Reasons Why Having a Tenant Portal Is Important

5 Reasons Why Having a Tenant Portal Is Important

Did you know that individual real estate investors make up 72.5 percent of rental properties in the US? If you are one of these real estate investors, you know that ensuring a property is in order and that your tenants are happy is crucial for your success.

One excellent way to keep your tenants happy and to make your job easier is to offer a tenant portal. Let us look a bit closer at the benefits a tenant portal can offer.

Tenant Portal: Transparency

A good property manager in Oxford, MS, or Lafayette County, MS knows keeping tenants informed about everything that is happening regarding their unit. When you have a tenant portal, you can post documents about policies related to the property, lease agreements, maintenance, and more.

You can allow tenants to stay updated on payments they have made and they can see their financial balances. They can even make payments through the portal. Tenants will be able to see work orders related to their property, as well.

Sense of Community

By providing a tenant portal, you are letting your tenants know they are part of a community. The portal can let you plan community events and help all of the tenants connect in a meaningful way. You can have Q&A sessions and make it easier for tenants to communicate with you and with one another.

Through a portal, you can even send out surveys to see your tenants' satisfaction levels and to get suggestions on how to improve. You will be letting your tenants know you respect their opinion and want to offer them the best service.


A tenant portal eliminates lots of manual work. Just having a payment system through the portal can be a major time-saver. Since a portal also allows your tenants to update their information when necessary, you can also ensure that you can always get a hold of them when you need to without having to manually update anything yourself.

With a tenant portal, you can also expect fewer phone calls, since your tenants will likely be able to find the answers they need on the portal. Even maintenance requests can be easier to handle when you can update information through the portal.

Attract More Tenants

Having a modern and fully-functional tenant portal can attract prospective tenants. People want to know they can easily get answers to their questions and request maintenance by just going to an online portal. It also shows them you are a serious owner who has made an investment in your property and its management.

When you have a modern, easy-to-use portal, you are one step ahead of any competing properties.

Make Running Your Property Easier

By having a tenant portal, you can make running your property much easier and more efficient. At a property management company like Cissell Management Company, located in Oxford, MS, and Lafayette County, MS, we can offer all of the tools you need to ensure you make the most out of your real estate investment.

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