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Will My Insurance Premiums Go Up if I Report Hail Damage? Expert Insights for Property Owners

A common concern among property owners after a hailstorm is whether contacting their insurance agent about potential damage will affect their insurance premiums. To address these concerns, I spoke with Kyle Killens, owner of the local Goose Head Insurance agency, who provided expert advice on navigating hail damage claims.

First Steps After Suspecting Hail Damage:
If you think your property has sustained hail damage, the immediate step isn't to file a claim. It's crucial to consult with your insurance agent or broker first. This consultation can help you assess whether you need to file a claim and understand its impact on your insurance premiums.

Seeking Advice Before Filing a Claim:
A knowledgeable broker or agent will not just direct you to the claims line but will offer counsel. This is important because a claim might be filed automatically if you contact the claim line, even for an inquiry, potentially affecting your premiums.

Getting an Independent Inspection:
Ask your agent if they can recommend a reputable local roofer for a free initial inspection. This step is key in confirming the extent of hail damage. If the roofer finds significant damage, you can then discuss the implications of filing a claim with your agent.

Determining the best course of action after a hailstorm involves careful consideration, especially regarding insurance premiums. Consulting with your insurance agent and getting a professional inspection are crucial steps. Thanks to Kyle Killens for his valuable insights. For property owners in Oxford and extending across Mississippi and Tennessee, Kyle remains a readily accessible source of knowledgeable advice on all insurance-related queries. Call Kyle at 601-781-7089 or visit this link for an instant quote.

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